About us

MY DOOR LTD is a trading structure with offices and assembly teams in Sofia and Varna. The trade structure integrates the import and engineering of the product range of armored, interior, fireproof, metal, industrial doors, loading and unloading equipment and smoke and heat removal systems of „HÖRMANN KG“ – Germany, „Dierre SpA“ – Italy, GEZE GmbH – Germany, as well as other manufacturers.

We carry out orders all over the country, both small and large projects. The company policy is to develop in single customer service by improving the quality of the services offered, selecting and offering only quality products from leading European manufacturers. In our exhibition centers customers will find samples of armored, interior, garage, fireproof and other doors, as well as automation for them.

The team of MY DOOR has been involved in the implementation of numerous small and large projects in the field of industrial and residential construction, business buildings, shopping malls and special purpose buildings.

At the end of 2017, we launched a new project called “MY DOOR SERVICE”. A subsidiary of MY DOOR but with independent functions. The activity of the company is related to the provision of services such as installation, repair and maintenance of all kinds of doors, automation, windows and more.

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