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HÖRMANN sectional doors consist of prefabricated panels made of hot-dip galvanized steel coated on both sides with synthetic polyester. The steel panels are reinforced with additional profiles with the help of a special gluing technique. In the LPU 40 model, the insulation is made of polyurethane rigid foam 100% free of freon, and the stability is ensured by the structure of the sandwich panels and reinforcement of the edges. Thanks to the sandwich panels and the four-sided rubber seals, the door has a very good heat transfer coefficient – 1.4 W / m2.K. Sectional doors move vertically along the guide rails and no free distances are required in front of the door and the ceiling. HÖRMANN sectional doors are also designed in accordance with European safety requirements – EN 13241-1, namely: – thanks to the patented shape of the frame,

panels and hinges with a minimum clearance of 2-4 mm, it is impossible to press fingers and bruises on both sides of the door; – the motor springs and ropes are duplicated, mounted concealed and equipped with a catching device, due to which it is not possible for the door to fall (more than 30 mm) and injuries in case of spring or rope rupture; – The guide rails are completely closed and together with the wear-resistant and adjustable motor rollers, prevent the door from falling out spontaneously. The doors are protected from lifting in case of burglary, and to prevent the ingress of water, dust and leaves in the room are equipped with an upper, side and lower rubber seal. The door can be equipped with a motor for easier operation of standard HÖRMANN production.
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Double-walled insulated slats with a thickness of 42 mm for high values ​​of thermal insulation, good stability and smooth running of the door;
Optimal long-term protection of the case by means of a plastic heel;
Only from Hörmann: reliable protection against lifting with a lever thanks to a mechanical lock;
ProMatic 4 drive with modern BiSecur radio system and additional height
opening for garage ventilation, energy-saving LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth receiver, up to 40% faster opening;
HSE 4 BS remote control, with black structured surface, with ring
for keychain;
Woodgrain surface in 6 colors:
RAL 9016 – white;
RAL 9006 – white aluminum;
RAL 9007 – gray aluminum;
CH 703 – metallic anthracite;
RAL 7016 – anthracite gray;
RAL 8028 – soil brown;
Decocolor surface in 3 decors:
Golden Oak;
Dark Oak;
Night Oak;
All door surfaces are available with silver galvanizing and protective paint on the inside of the door;
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Installation and additional works are not included in the prices!
Images, colors and surfaces are not binding!

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