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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All doors we offer are individually customized with a wide range of models, colors, materials, finishes, features and purpose.
    The consultation is completely free of charge. Our job is to find and offer you the right product for you. Welcome to our store, write or call us.
    We supply our products from different points in Europe. We deliver from Italy, Germany and other countries, to your specified place of installation or only delivery to any settlement in Bulgaria and not only.
    Delivery depends on the model and type of door. We deliver products that are in stock in one to two weeks. For doors with a special order, the period is four to eight weeks.
    We offer installation throughout the country. We have assembly teams of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field. We have been trained by our partners Dierre, Hörmann, Geze to carry out installation and maintenance of their entire product range.
    All doors we offer have 24 months international
    European guarantee. Some products are even up to 5 years old
    a guarantee provided by the manufacturer itself.

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