Garage doors

Garage doors

Garage doors from the world leader in the field of doors for home and industry. With its constant innovation and product development, Hörmann offers something new to its customers every year.

Thanks to the different models of garage doors we offer, we can provide a solution for any situation. From the classic vertically opening sectional doors, through side-sliding, roller, double-hinged doors and doors that require only 6 cm of free space on the ceiling.

With its innovative digital printing technology on the steel panel of the garage door, Hörmann offers twenty-four new Duragrain color options, with a wide selection of wood motifs and natural stone.

In this way, modern technologies for functionality and durability are combined with the classic vision of natural materials.

The modern energy-saving garage door Thermo67 offers excellent thermal insulation with values up to 0.33 W /m².K – heat transfer coefficient.

Hörmann’s new future-oriented BiSecur radio systems enable comfortable and copy-protected control of all automatic doors in the house. With one remote, via smartphone or fingerprint scanner, you easily provide access to you or your guests.

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